Sunday, December 19, 2004

What Did I Wear Today
UC "i don't believe in buddha" tee+Helmut Lang painter jeans+stussy pro-keds+casio X haze g-shock

Finally had an entire day in town...something i had not been able to do for a very long time. Broke out my pair of paint-splatter Helmut Lang's to match my Undercoverism vintage tee...damn, how long has it been since i intentionally "dressed up" for a trip to town. Its always one of those "throw on a tee, some jeans hanging by the closet door" and off i go. It is pretty nice to feel good about what u wear, i consider clothes the extension of myself. Not that i'm a fashion guru or anything, i don't pander to any fad blindly.

Speaking of which, theres really plenty of kids in town these days... i know its school hols and all, but its getting abso-eff'ing-lutely ridiculous: walkways get clogged with teens trying to (1) have a conversation (2) take the mickey out of a nerd in their group (3) pose around in their "hip" togs that they got their parents to buy for them etc....Then u get those that deem themselves too "grown up" and out of the "teen" age years...they are the poor things, simply lost in their own world. Again, i ain't above anyone that i'm "holier than thou"...sometimes i just wish they can see themselves... or i just wish i had the ca$h to splurge as they do. LOL

Its less than a week to X'mas, have you hidden your money? haha...theres just too many stuff thats being pushed into my face to even begin to have an iota of feeling which they call the "x'mas spirit". I don't know, maybe the signals get mixed by the time they reach me... most of the time i get the call to "spend spend spend", rather than the jolly "ho ho ho".

Incidentally, u can safely say the word "ho" and no longer need to wink-and-nudge to convey the street slang for whore...its officially in the Oxford dictionary

If u feel in any way that your english might be of certain standards, do challenge yourself

Way past my bedtime, need to cop some zzz's...catch y'all laters!



I hate the kids too. And yes the way they spend.. now I quite understand why my parents really gave me so little allowance. hahah..

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