Sunday, November 14, 2004

Celebrity Tragedy

ODB - May you RIP

I've heard that breast enhancements (commonly termed as "boob job") usually causes loss of feeling or sensation over the affected area. That may probably explain Tara Reid's gaffe when she attended P.Diddy's party last week. She was happily posing away(she did look a little more stoned than usual), smiling for cameras with nary a care until her boob did an unexpected curtain call. She was oblivious to the sudden torrent of flashbulbs as the paparazzi zoomed in... and horror of horrors, it looks like the rumors of her boob job for the past months have been confirmed.
scene 1 peekaboob
and heres the close up... gals, if u ever thought of having one done, think of how your re-constructed nipples will look like... ain't a pretty sight (picture Not Safe For Work)

In keeping with the current theme, came up with this pic on the net (don't ask me where i surf, u don't wanna know). Some have said the lovely pair belong to Avril, and comes with the accompanying pic of her wearing the same coloured top... you be the judge:

Alritey, prolly boobies overload for y'all... so i'll end off on a pretty note, my fave Paris!
Eat your heart out motorshow racequeens!

Sleep well tonite...Ta!

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