Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sunday recap
Too tired to post up yesterday, so today will have to suffice.

Met up S78 while lugging along his 4 bagfuls of maildrops(see post below) to town...thank god for automobiles (more thanking laters)
If you see big dude dragging a suitcase round Takashimaya-Wheelock 4 times in the afternoon(and a few more for good measure later in the evening), yep, that was him...lol Also caught up with Alex/Peaches... chilled out dude with the "junior 'fro" (yeah, i thought that up, ha). Was equally surprised that the SuFu kids were planning a meetup as well.
Well, Rich/Rirawen (he may be young-ish, but he's a vet like all headz should know) was popping by this part of the world on vacation of sorts, so it was nice to see the kool guy in person
Check out our 5thD vs SuFu flick

Like S78 says: 1-0! hahaha
But seriously, i do feel old chatting/listening with them folks/kids...'specially when they were asking how did me and S78 knew each other (it sounded so gay, but we thought about it anyway)
Can you believe i was onboard SuFu since 2003? how many remembered when there was only 1 SuFu forum, and the threads did not have new posts for weeks? Oh man, its like the current 5thD! ha!
And how many knew of the fUK forum's uniqueness/wierdness of probably having the only WhatYouWearingToday thread on the internet with NO pics?! precisely! hahaha! Myself and S78 could just go on and on about it, but i guess the SuFu crowd was just a little different for me... heck, they didn't even know the almighty RiftTrooper (i know Nik, its sad) lol
Whatevs, enuff with the reminiscence...on with the lovely spread of food at Din Tai Fung!

Us clowning around... pics courtesy of Rich. You can fnd the funny vids if you knew where to lurk.
We had to split though, just so Mr buy-it-all could catch Garuda flight outta town. Damn, Toyata never felt so fast eh, S78? hahaha! and i've never seen a guy stuff 2 bags into a suitcase that quick - you would makea great army recruit my friend! =)
Hope to catch up again man, how about 1sy wk Dec?

dissertation vis(uals)
Some pics/captures off the dissertation lookbook

Skynard is awesome, but i think i'll avoid the cowprint; can't make sense of the Logan Lo (pls just stop at the Mids); yet more premium jackets/coats i love yet can't afford

still can't make sense of that breast patch; guess its better to stick to basics: stripes, l/s and 2ply sweats
Superflat Wood
Pretty amazing even one day after the news dropped about Takashi Murakami and MR lending their Superflat designs to Supreme

It is indeed spot-on for the social-commentary of consumerism and otaku lifestyle. Just watch the hype-machine/monster roll all over this, and Murakami might even call it art! AWESOME!

New season drops this week... i can't wait
Reebok Freestyle 25th
Man, i definitely remember this...
Anyone who's a retro-head will recognise the Reebok Freestyle, and it huge impact it had on womens line of fitness apparel/footwear. In fact just the other day, i spotted a lady still walking about in a well-worn pair with her AA skinny tights and big fitness tee! I had to check my watch to be sure it was still 2007, ha!
Anyhoo, peep Reebok's print ads for the 25th

Renault F1 salt&pepper shaker

This one is just tickles me. Renault releases a series of home items made from used F1 cars. These shakers are made from oil filters of the F1 gear box in aircraft grade aluminum! sick

Love these pics of Kate by Ryan McGinley

Don't you wish Christina remains 5th-pregnant always? heh
Vid of the day: Now That You Got It - Gwen

It grows on ya!
laters y'all

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