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supreme/wtaps * nbhd * NB 1400 stingray
Broke out the stingrays and they are sure as hell comfy. Peep the beads, all about the beads man! hahaha
Trotted down to KIN to meet up for Sole Obsession 3. Time really passes, and its the 3rd installment already! Its always been the aim for a sneakerhead/streetwear culture gathering/meetup of sorts without the commercial hassles of shoe/product launches, hidden agendas and what-nots, and i'm glad the dudes have managed to pull it off locally.
Arrived right at the dot, after the endless circling round the block for parking lots (silly me, should've headed to the run down basement carpark across the street early on - its dirt cheap, shhh)

Folks were already chugging down the lager courtesy of APB; buying up the event tees (as Stef said in her blog, "been there, done that, bought the tee..."); hankering Eugene for raffling off free kicks/shit (the usual); and of course, checking out the dope kicks on display.
Pics: Anthony and friends popped in; peeps on 1st floor

Pics: adidas kicks at my fave location, the zen-like skylight

Filling prime real estate on 1st level are some of the samples coming out
Pics: top left of Pic2 shows the anniversary metallic silver 576, lower shelf are the combini pack. top right of Pic3 shows the matching metallic gold pair of 576 (it doesn't show gold under flash), and the Concepts and SportieLA special editions. Pic4 shows the US city exclusive 574s and the super reflective 1700. I'm so happy the ultra comfy 1700 is being released

Pics: Peep the hypnotic 3M at work. Below the reflective 1700 are the collegiate pack. Details are interesting: all aspects of the collegiate polo shirt are replicated, from fabric, to embroidery, sleeve tags and collar surrounding the inner layer! Peep Mr A laughing at the red pair with its collars "popped"...yep, it looks stupid on a shoe, just as it does on silly college jocks and wannabes! haha
Up on the 2nd floor gallery is where the heat's at, and main theme of SO-3: customs!

View through the "cage"...

Love the ambient lighting. Bet its a first time custom view for lots of guests that night
Pioneer customizers and now big-shots Meth and SBTG put up some exquisite collaborative works. Peep the detailed paintwork on the Meth skulls!

And that vertebrae artwork is just too sick

Lazy received my props for the sheer variety and madskillz. Those denim customs are as good if not better than official proddy's! (nike better take some notes)

But this one ranks as a top highlight for me. Its the infamous FBT Elk with the hokusai imagery! I'm stoked to finally to see it up close and personal.

Lots more customs on show. Hypethetic showcased their award winning works as well

And the honor of surprising me most that evening goes to Phuek and his creation:

He did a killer job on the kicks, thats for sure: much respectz
But i didn't manage to take pics that did the SoleObsession installation piece any justice, so peep from his blog instead. Its fully made from recycled materials!

Shots round the gallery: peep Killer's artwork in the background, crowd, and Man talking shop
And of course the buds in the biz...

Seb (Man is sponsoring a shoe discount for anyone who guess the correct number of piercings Seb has, LOL), Eugene, Mr A...hahaha
Thanks for hosting the event guys, and props to Streething gang for taking the trip down once again (hope u guys had fun at the lap-sup KTV, Chooeh! haha)
Till next time!

Dave Kinsey x Toyota Tacoma

Dave Kinsey puts up some excellent mural work for Toyota's Tacoma "unbreakable" ad campaign. Dave really adds in the artwork details to bring home the point, ha!
adidas skateboarding Kombi
adidas jumping on the vintage VW bandwagon (sorry for the pun, i just had to)

adidas Brasil is launching a VW promo bus for the new skateboarding range, with graphics by the legendary Mark Gonz.

Paris in GQ Germany

I love european mags and nips, don't you?

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