Wednesday, September 05, 2007


New Supreme drops for F/W...The new pack looks awesome in a Arcteryx/Jack-Wolfskin sorta way. Love the caps as well.
Was enamoured with the zip up baseball jacket at first sight (speckled print!), but figured i'll prob be smothered to death in Singapore weather (damn you global warming!). As for the "stained glass" LS tees - dope!
Supreme x Tera Patrick
Ah, the pièce de résistance for the season...2nd 'Preme outing for Tera, and its well worth the wait. As Jenna deflates, Tera (terror) rises.. sorry for the bad pun, but i just had to do it, hahaha
Total of 4 vids (if anyone has the originals, pls mail to me!!!), overlayed with either Tera interviewing (presumably the director) and being interviewed about her first time...skating of course! =)

Tera in shower

Tera vid shoot

Tera vid shoot

Tera in bed with deck - no i do not really want the deck, but i want to BE the deck, haha

Sleep well

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PhuEk! said...

Damn...Tera Patrick. Yummy!!!