Sunday, September 16, 2007

baa-baa-black sheep...have you any loot?"

Mail drop during the week: Camacho finally arrives to complete the set!
"yessir yessir 4 bags full"

Its tough work repacking 4 boxes into 4 manageable (read: able to carry) bags. All that, and it ain't mine too. LOL
With the rising prices of real estate, i should be charging a premium for holding 'em in my room! maybe a monthly hook up or somethin' somethin'... =)
While the new footwear range is still questionable, the shirts are still dependable as always

Loving the Nez Perce pattern, should i blow the $$ to match my MJ belt? hmm...
pix courtesy of Earn @ Surrender
Looks like flannel season is upon us...Nexus7 picks up the baton to present some quality threads

Tom Ford Fragrance

With ads like these, how could you miss? Peep em in all leading mags this month. Shot by none other than Terry Richardson
Marc Jacobs Legoland belts

MJ presented these cute little acessories at NV Fashion Week. They were all over, on hair clips, bands, but i like em better on belts. Now, shouldn;t you get cracking and do up one of your own? go steal em from kids! ha

i saw Bothan posting this pic as well and he mentioned it was via Fats, so it should be true right? anyone else have info?
Timbaland/Timberlake/Nelly - VMA
You've seen the confusing/confused Britney performance, now check out some excellent production and showmanship from the Timba-crew

Yeah you'd think its just the usual paparazzi pic of Madonna and Guy

But what is she gonna doing with that strap-on???

Make my day-Megan Fox

That last pic is ingrained in my brain forever...LOL

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