Saturday, September 01, 2007

6453 + 7674
Hirofumi never fails to impress with each season of Sophnet and FCRB. He sticks to his central theme yet adds flavor with each passing season. Sophnet collaborates with Jarrett Reynolds from Nike (of the current Tech Pack fame) recently on the Heritage ACG relaunch, bringing style and sophistication to the rugged ACG image

Protect ya head: headovers for the F/W

travelling through time: eluding to Nike's 6th Dimension and by now, you should already know those numbers: 6453 + 7674 = nike + soph.
Simplicity yet again on the l/s running sweats, i still remember mine from the OG years.
HK taps Nike's innovation for hidden pockets and wearability (a typical Japanese approach) on the nylon breakers. And how could you not miss the ultra violet? :)
SOPH x Jack Pierson

For the new season of Sophnet, HK finds inspiration from Jack Pierson's works. Bet you thought it was just "ransom note" fonts eh?

Stussy chapter exclusives
Probably the Japs think the word "renewal" means "new release" else to explain the piles and piles of new apparel? lol
Yokohama chapter spcial edition

Leveraging on the "beauty and the beast" graphics (best imo used during stussyNYC's customade print run), i like the worn/faded effect
Osaka chapter renewal

Using classic Shawn Stussy print art for "shut up and do your thang", this edition also features faded effect

Given all the tees, i'm actually quite happy to see the signature Stussy skateboard pendant redone in black! Can anyone help me with one??
Futura Lab messenger pack
Lenny channels his messenger days for the release of the new range of FuturaLabs packs

J Crew

I hate it when online shops since don't ship out to Asia...i mean, how many years has the internet and the idea of online shopping been around?!?
Anyways, i'm liking these simple fares from J Crew. How cute are those boxers? haha
Think i may have to use a proxy service for 'em...hmm

Team Aniston
I've always been Team Angie, but i'm beginning to waver towards Team Aniston: damn, how tiny is that bikini?!?

to err is human, Brad... :)

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