Saturday, July 30, 2005

Yeah, i kan't spel...byte me.

Just wanted a slightly different view of respect (i know, it does mean the same thing in Czech). DC Shoes has a new line of ads, featuring James Lipton, the man behind the awesome "Inside the Actors Studio" show. The only reason why he is hot enough to attract the likes of luminaries Julia Roberts, Robert DeNiro, Billy Crystal, Glenn Close to tell them their professional secrets and thoughts on acting, is respect. The man is famous for doing in-depth research before each actors' interview, asking key questions to probe their views and insights.
So it is with great fun to see him face to face with DC crew: chaos & comedy! My fave is Rob Dyrdek's "Security" spot, he even brings Big Black with him!

Head on to DC shoes for all the videos, including Danny Way(what wall?!), Rob Pastrana, Dave Mirra(mirra-cle man), Bruce Irons(siick) etc.

Some new stuff out in stussy-land:

The 1st one was a blast, this will be supernova (peep the box!)

'nuff said.

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