Sunday, August 07, 2005

Miss Me?
You know how sometimes you wanna do something, something u really want done, but didn't really do it cos you know, you somehow thought that you might be able to do it sometime later? now say that really-really quick
No? ok, nevermind. Been neglecting the blog due to heavy workload, y'know, the usual 60hr week(not including the weekends of course).

Cool Ad

Done by TWBA/Vancouver for Black Tower Home Security. It features a billboard covered with easily-taken stuff, taking advantage of human nature to pilfer, only to reveal the message for the client. Pure genius. Read more here.
i'm just waiting for the ad-people in condom makers to think of "People Fuck" billboards...

I ain't no Arts major, but i do know sculptures are darn hard to make. Life-like ones of Hollywood stars? even tougher. Blu-Tack sculptures of stars? definitely more than a buck!
auction for Sienna figure
and the rest of his "work"

and it all comes raining down...
Sony filmed a commercial on thehilly streets of SF sometime ago, flooding the neighborhood with bouncing rubber balls. Awesome sight. No balls were harmed in this ad...but some did went missing.

I love the pic with the "Stop" sign...silent irony

Lovely Dilemma
Must be ages since i last blogged about Paris Hilton. (but u know i'd do anything to irk my buddy-buddy-good pal Ibby, heh)
So Paris (Latsis, the fiance who is a Greek heir of shipping fortunes i can't begin to count) gives Paris (Hilton, the fiancee who is the heiress of the Hilton empire who goes to parties like its her job) a 4.5 million dollar engagement ring. I know you kids can't begin to crunch the numbers, so just peep the pic
So anyway, Paris gal decides that the rock is too, big, heavy and painful to wear, and complains to Paris dude. Paris dude thus does what any dude would do for his damsel in distress....he gets Paris gal a platinum Cartier ring instead for everyday use.
Damn. Wish i had that sort of dilemma

Alternate Angle
Whats a xymon blog without celeb pics/peeks? Some random nice-ness found online

Paris Hilton.Mariah(going commando).Mary-Kate-Olsen.Mandy Moore


Ibrahim R. said...

good to see you're back to you're googling ways.

cute balls advert.

by the way, please remove my baby's picture from there! now!

xymon said...

nyah nyah nyah... (thumbs nose)