Friday, July 01, 2005


No, i'm still very much alive thank you.

And yes, you who owes me money, best pay up. At the very least, reply emails instead of posting your blog and fiddling with your new blog-site. I'm tired and simply want to end the fiasco.

sorry to the rest of readers out there for the outburst.

Won't have much to add tonite, nor for the time being...and if i do, it'll be random, of course. Yes, blame it on my bad mood and debtor. Feel free to email me to find out who it is, i play a mean game of name-smearing too.

Some linx:
Pixelgirl has nice icons and stuff for download/sale.

JustBeComplex: artwork, toys, clothes, shoes, anime dvds...JustBe there to shop!

Download Squad...pretty plain and simple ain't it. Get loaded with knowledge and software.

Hideout online store: the best, and nothing but. If you happen to be in the area, drop by and say hi. If u spot a cute babe in there, say hi too. Actually you should say hi to all babes you see...

Some info:
Stussy dunk sb drops next week. Clerks pack stussy blazer drops mid month and Undftd dunk the next. Seamless all-white AF1 drops next week too.
Will hook up of course...if the expected hundreds of pesky kids don;'t turn up. Thats like asking if theres a chance Tom Cruise will admit Scientology is a scam. Or if there're any honest people left in the world.

Sneakerpimps World Tour hits LA...where else but La-La-Land to draw the dopest! Show Biz Markie your safari's, Mix Master Mike your bootleg of his session with Q-Bert, and finally steal AM-One's kicks on opening nite (oh and tell him, Nicole Richie is sexy!, and tell Mr JB his one of a kind kicks are off the hook.

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Butler said...

Hi xymon, when I was looking for stuff on skateboarding apparel this site came up, so I guess that you must be interested, or have commented on it at some point in the past! Anyway, if you do like skateboarding apparel check it out. There is a blog there too, to repay the favour!