Sunday, July 24, 2005


If the future about 10-20 years down the road means better skin like Scarlet Johansson's, i'm all up for it! Caught "The Island" yesterday. Critics will probably pan it as usual, for ripping other more established movies of similar genre (THX1183, clockwork orange, logan's run etc), for being a smash-em-up Michael Bay big-bang flick (Bad Boys, Armageddon, The Rock, Pearl Habor et al) and of course for having pretty leads looking immaculate and all the product marketing (Chevy prototype, Ducatti, Puma, Nokia 8800 - "Ewan's character is still using it in 2019, doesn't seem that futuristic now is it?")
Well, my take is:"why go so deep into it?" Take the movie for what its worth, its entertaining but not too mindless, a somewhat believable plot, and thankfully 2 above rate actors pulling it together.

Hopefully it will appease the very-fickle fan-boys of Transformers, now that Michael Bay has been announced as the much-awaited live-action film's director, and Spielberg as executive producer.

More than meets the eye - 07-04-07
Image from SanDiego comic-con, featuring life-size shrouded Optimus Prime. "awesome"

Happen to chance on a Mandy Moore flick on cable last nite, forgot which i'll just post some random stuff for my pal Ibrahim:

More random pics since i'm at it...
Spotted this lovely beauty of a Lotus Exigeat a mall carpark. I literally went "whoa", stopped in my tracks and took a pic with my mobile(sorry for the resolution)

And of course i laughed at this pic...

The reason why being bad is good. damn...why doesn't any gals look at me and my mobile?

last pic to round it up, no caption necessary

Cheers, yo

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