Sunday, July 24, 2005


argentum has come a long way. I really like Shing's designs, and its great to see her getting recognition and accolades for her pieces of work. Very silver, edgy, wearable, not to mention desirable. Go check them out: argentum online or in person (stockists in Singapore and Sydney)


"spot the diff?"
shopdrop: To covertly place merchandise on display in a store. Primarily used in guerrilla ad campaigns, tactical media projects, and art installations. reverse shoplift, droplift

It can't be any cooler...or more fun!

I can't believe i missed out on the previous 6 issues of Coloring Book. No matter, issue 7 out now! (ps: that was the most PG pic i could find...hahaha)

August will be a good month, u should save lots of money. September will be even better, cos u will get ur friendly friend (ie: me) a PSP:white as a gift.
Ok, hypnosis over. Anyways, Sony announces new firmware upgrades (so u can't hack the PSP for porn-surfing, game-editing etc u cheapos) and an awesome color (gasp: white!) in Sept. Who needs an iPod?

My house is so gonna look like that...(if i get a house)...(if i gots the cash)...if i...ok, whatever...i'm so not gonna have a house like that.
In any case, you should just stare at the nice house. And dream.
Go peep: Maxmillian's Schell

fun post of the day
I know Tom Cruise is short, i've seen him in real life, right in front of me. Ever wondered how short he was compared to Katie Holmes? (psst, i can see his scalp)
someone with alot of time on his hands will let u know

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