Wednesday, July 06, 2005

London wins

Sorta had the feeling London will clinch it, with all the important personalities pulling the strings behind the scene. The public sentiment will probably be with Paris and her romantic setting...i do love the atmosphere when Lance Armstrong won his 6th Le Tour at the Arc de Triomphe. But London it is, and 2012 host it shall be.

Laser madness

New Nike womens AF1 mid for Fall, featuring crazy baby blue with mad laser-etching.

Not really feeling it, but the lasering does remind me of a bandana-type of artwork, which should fit find for the current "Mexican-surf" look in Japan.

You know you are a DJ god when you have "Technics" tattooed on your wrist.

DJ AM and Nicole Ritchie on a night out recently, him sporting some nice bling, Ssur tee and bapesta's; her sporting a pretty funky carry-all and looking very tan.

Local news

The Real Run will be back this year, with New Balance helming for the next 3 years, taking over from Nike. The race will be held in sunny Sentosa island, expect an "extreme x-terrain challenge". For more info, go to Real Run and sign up, or pick up the forms at Royal Sporting House stores.
Registration dateline is 31sJuly.


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