Sunday, July 17, 2005

back in biz

Had a short hiatus, finally back online (hopefully). Probably gonna do short stacatto post bursts, depending on how much literal comments i can think of at the time. Its been a very eventful week or so, much happenings in the world and at home.

Glad to hear most pals in UK are doing fine (tommy, u doing ok?).
I've had questions asked by friends about the who, how, what, why etc...frankly, there isn't really any reason at all for it could've happened to anyone, anywhere. The only thing we can do is just to get on with what they are trying to destroy, and that is our daily lives.

The boys back in "old camp" are in the news lately as well. While the annual best unit award is a literal shoo-in, there were, unfortunately, news for the wrong reasons.
First the instructors in the "dunking" incident were sentenced for a longer term. They're prob hard done by the decision, both of them are among the best examples of soldiers i've ever met and had the pleasure of training with. Its just bad luck.

Next was the unfortunate freefall descent during the National Day rehearsal. The photos in the papers and video on the news was definitely heart-wrenching. I've had hard-landings before as well, but that was on a different scale. I was glad to hear that MSgt Chua is doing fine and will be back in action in days to come. He was yet another professional in his training and how he carried himself in the line of work.

And just a couple days ago, the unthinkable happened. Another heli-rappel accident. It shouldn't have happened. But my condolences to the family of the red beret as well as the unnamed foreign troop, not many dare to do what we do.

A silent nod to the SOF troop who "bought the farm" last month as well. He belonged to men who will never be known to the public, only among his brothers in arms. Respect

pattern patent
RTHQ showed what BDU meant.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, Mr Hardy from dpmhi has patented DPM. Does this mean monopoly? hmm...

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