Monday, July 18, 2005

The Grass is Always Greener

Someone asked me once in one of my auctions for a stussy tee, "are you a stussy collector? i'm trying to get started"

The answer to that is "yes", but it sure didn't start overnight for me. I mean, the brand started out innocously, pretty low key, not too in your face...besides, theres not that high of a chance for surfing to be big in equatorial Singapore anyway. The only waves to be made were the ones in your bath tub. But the simple graphic tees, big Hawaiian shirts and witty style does seem a little "different" from the others out there. Over the years, i get a couple of tees on-and-off.
And then the Japanese chapter stores started doing their retro craze, and mad collabs. I didn't get the tees just coz it was a collab, it was for the cooler graphics that others couldn't match. It was for the vibe that stirs me. The kind that connects the designer to the wearer. Unfortunately, i'm not that rich enough to buy all the cool tees in the world. I'm not like those nouveau rich kids that simply "buy a collection" as and when they like. Fortunately on the flip side, it means theres always a hunt for that elusive something which them "hype kids" will never understand or get.

Head out to town, in probably any urban city, and chances are, theres some kid out there sporting the latest, hippest, hottest cap,tee,jeans,sneakers. Well, i admit, i'm like that too...only difference is, i only wear the ones which i myself consider to be the coolest. My friends say i'm nuts when they know how many tees i got stashed up. They think i'm nutter than nuts when i buy tees for certain theme that i'm gunning for. (actually i get a kick when i irritate them sometimes, heh)
I've shown my love for skull tees quite sometime's the rest of the Stussy stash:

"Big Boys" theme
W)taps x Stussy vs US Stussy retro

"Rock my gold for the ladies" theme
Japan-only release vs US Stussy retro

"Spray Can" theme
Top: Stussy Customade by Slick
L: Subware spray head
R: Subware front-n-back spray can by Stash

"Stussy World Tribe" party tee 2001 - one of the Holy Grails of my collection
L: 2001 World Tribe L/S tee, with "Increase the Peace" on sleeve
R: 2001 World Tribe S/S tee

See how many familiar collaboration icons u can make out!

Notice how many of those "hype" kids got Supreme packs? I couldn't care less, not when they can't recognise my Stussy x Lowe Alpine!

"Stussy on the Lowe"
"8 ball" key ring not part of the pack, but a special gift
"Stussy Corps" mobile pouch

And whats a Stussy collection without something for the feet?

The One that probably jump-started it all. The sleeper hit. The "nobody wanted them" shoes. The first of many Stussy x Nike footwear. Deadstock. Stussy x Huarache runner. Avocado Gold.

Guess thats enough for the update. For those collectors out there, we all know we would be nothing if it wasn't for friends, contacts, and trustworthy sellers. So a big "word up" to my buddy and fellow Stussy-fiend, aka "achtung-baby". Forever indebted to ya.

"In this great future, you can't forget your past"
Increase the Peace


Ibrahim R. said...

Madness in this post. Don't keep that pair DS now ..

UsDude ~Z~ said...

Stussy x Lowe Alpine?


xymon said...

thanx for the nice comments guys

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