Sunday, July 17, 2005

Enter Sandman

Nope, not that Metallica song...

Neil Gaiman dropped by the sunny (but most times rainy) shores of Singapore last week. While i tell anyone who asks that i'm a fan, i'm ashamed to say, i did not skip work to get his autograph (the blasphemy!)

But he's simply just an awesome guy, if not, one of the great writers in comic-dom and the literary world. Not many celeb folks bother to travel halfway round the world, curious to find out why a nation with a population of 4 mill can have that many fans so eager to chew up bits of info from his forum, journals, and countless server-jamming mails.

Well, i didn't make it to any of his book signings, but i did see this when i drop by Kinokuniya later in the week:
huge poster
the cute thought bubble reads "just another hundred people to go"
Heard he went through like a thousand signings per night (at Kino, Borders and the British Council)

How great a guy is he? In an interview that asks what one book a bibliophile like him will take from his burning house, he answers:
"Rather than save any of the printed books i've got, i have in my house's basement library, a book that's 150 years old. Its an accountant's book that is leather bound and larger than an encyclopedia...(it)is made in such a way that it can sit flat completely, no matter which page it is open. It is also completely blank.
When i saw it, i knew i had to buy it and write a book in it one day. What's silly and funny is that, even if i get struck by lightning tomorrow, i would be happy not having writing anything in it. The blank book symbolises writing and its infinite possibilities for me.

Told you he's a great guy.

Fantastic F-awe
I'll stick with the comic-related theme. Caught F4 yesterday, thought it was pretty good. Maybe not as good as Batman Begins, but still good (y'know what i mean)
I did feel a tinge of sadness for The Thing, "whoa"-ed at Human Torch's X-Games antics (those Moto-X superman seat grabs are totally awesome), and dribbled at Jessica Alba's...everything. No, i didn't like the nerdy, wimpy Reed Richards. But then again, he is like that in the comics, so its prob a fair portrayal. I did like Doc Doom played by Julian McMahon from "Nip/Tuck"(new season this Sept, get ready to BT!), he's the type of villian i wanna be, haha. I love Stan Lee's cameo too, did u spot it?
Anyways, here's a treat for u faboys(ie: normal hot-blooded male) of Jessica Alba:

Click Pic
u guys can thank me now

Once u start, u can't stop. Jess Alba is really something. Which is why i can't understand why RollingStone puts her on the cover and proclaims her as a "starlet". Well, she definitely isn;t one now, not with Fantastic Four, Sin City and the upcoming Into the Blue (more on that later).

Sin City Press Conference pic

Got so hyped on Alba that i caught Sin City. Not that i was gonna miss it for the world. Frank Miller is the BEST inker, artist out there and true lover of noir art. It was an absolute spot-on frame by frame depiction of his graphic novels. Kudos to Robert Rodriguez and Frank for carving out this gem. On one hand, fans will love how their fave characters come to life, reliving the stories in live-action. On the other, new-found fans will hunker down a copy of Frank's novels and appreciate the details of his work. In case u missed it, Frank has a role as the Priest who listens to Bruce Willis' Detective Hartigan's confessions.

But more on Jessica Alba...she's got a new movie (damn, she's hardworking) Into the Blue. I no longer care for movie plots for any movies she's in, but this one promises bikinis and more bikinis, definitely 5 stars! LOL

I gotta take a cold shower, she's hot!


Ibrahim R. said...

Good to see that you're back to your blogging ways. But damn, that's some elbow grease involved!

xymon said...

anything for my buds out there still reading =)