Monday, July 25, 2005

no chain, no chain

just another day at the office
It was just like watching MJ go through The Shot...the only difference was that Lance Armstrong's moment was far longer, and probably sweeter. Lance wants to end it on a high, just like the other living legend of sports, Wayne Gretzky. Yesterday's le Tour finale is definitely a formality, the drama was already over the day before, where a "possesed" Armstrong threw everything he had to take the stage win - his final stage win of his career. He is already amongst the rarified-heavenly group of living legends, the ones who will almost be taken for granted of a win just by turning up in a match-up, a tournament, a race. He needn't have even sweated out like he did...he could've cruised. Yet i've never seen a more inspiring moment as he pushed himself further, riding out of his seat, pumping his thighs like pistons as he increased his lead time...just to, as he says, get to his kids waiting at the finishing that much sooner. The rest of the tour panted and gasp at the finishing line, Lance smiled and was fresh like "one more?". Just the image we wanted to leave of him.

My fave quote as he effortlessly finished one of the stages: "No chain...(i was cruising) like i had no chains"
Definitely a man for the world

some new wood


The Grass is Always Greener (Part II)
This one's for the Unkle/Futura2K fans out there. Mr Mcgurr's "pointy men" (as he puts it) grew from signature penmanship to iconography. Heres my tiny stash:

Clockwise from Left: Surrender x Unkle black; white; ZooYork Futura crew; Futura x Salem Innovations Tour.

Stussy x Futura

Bathing Ape x Unkle Sounds "creepsta" series
A lovely print, synthetic stylee, dope till it hurts.


Ibrahim R. said...

i'm not into labels but i bet those cost an arm or too. how come no pink futura prints? disappointing.

Ibrahim R. said...

edit: arm or 2 i mean. sorry but it's 6am+.

xymon said...

only a little spot of pink for the bape x unkle...sorry to disappoint ya. haha.