Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Today's blog is brought to you by the letters X, Y..."

Doesn't the above phrase ring a bell? remind you of Sesame Street from yesteryear?

Gosh, seems like a long time away from those days.

While we can't stop time and age, i guess we can still feel young at heart...i still get fascinated by a slow walk in the park with a morning drizzle; brightly-colored hand-drawn 2D cartoons/anime; long hours in the design-art section of Kinokuniya Books; seeing your crush try on a skimpy spaghetti top; trying to fit the last spoonful of Haagen Dazs Rum & Raisins...
It does bring me away from the strung-out, worked up days

So i absolutely love "Kastner"s Spell with Flickr searches thru Flickr's huge archive of images filed under individual letters and creates the word from random images of letters. It even looks like my Arts & Crafts lesson from schooldays! hahaha
Definitely an awesome fit my "Random Ramblings"!

LMAC - "music and art for your grandkids"
I gotta admit, i like pop art, and i love anime...lmac just seems to be loaded with them!
Those crazy geniuses are working overtime to churn out the good stuff, with newbies in store:
Ark united (in-store exclusives)
lmac(ex) and (b) apparel
Mishka NYC Summer 04/05
Head down to Far East Plaza #05-128 for a look-see (and spot the babes) or do the online thing (and probably miss out on the babes)

They'll be embarking on the American Leg of their World Tour in a week's time (don't worry, store will still be open), go find them if you're in the area. Its the only way to get hand customs, exclusive merchandise and the much sought-after collabs.
Dudes not in the cities of the Tour, relax, you won't be forgotten. Just drop them a mail to get the info/updates as to when they'll be at your city, and your nearest stockist.



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