Saturday, February 05, 2005

You've got mail
I always enjoy it whenever i get, not the electronic kind, rather the physical kind: the letters, postcards, parcels etc...
Maybe i have a need to feel "wanted" by someone, or that someone is trying to pass me a message. No, credit card companies don't count...but i do appreciate the efforts that some take to get me to pen my signature on the approval letter.

some new digs...Stussy x Masterpiece "Lion of Juddah" L/S tee, khaki GoodFoot store tee, and a hot pink "girlie" tee from my pal Ibby (i can't imagine buying a pink tee on my own, much as i like the color, but its even better when your best pal gifts it to u)

Props to Ibby for these Hunter SB's, who have probably experienced the tsunami, went through hell and water, and maybe a twilight zone or two before reaching me

I know i know, the Livestrong band is like "so 2004", plus the fact that every kid in town is sporting them(amongst the 2,734 other colors thrift stores are churning out). But its definitely for a good cause, i've always looked upon Lance Armstrong as a supreme athelete. Coupled with his amazing life story, it makes him almost a myth, and definitely a legend...Go get more info on cancer today, learn more about Lance and his triumph, and do more for those affected by cancerYou know what to do

Hope i'm not too preachy today...just another article to help u ponder through...
In the US of A, states are spending more dollars on correctional facilities than on education. Lets hope we do not leave the children behind, the more they do wrong, the more they need our help. Read the article

Entertainment news:
Jack Nicholson is joining the ranks for Scorsese's take on the excellent HK mob flick "Infernal Affairs", with Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Walhberg... i only hope Brad Pitt has some role in it... its his production company that has the rights to it.

The Look

Ms Kate Moss wakes up, throws on some clothes, roams the streets and Vogue decides a trend is set...Where are the editors when i hit the streets in town?? (but i gotta admit, Kate's anorak coat look is def hot in my books, regardless of fashion seasons, i'm a sucker for military-wear as those who know me will attest)

New Supreme stuff just dropped
sweater with intricate graphic

matching cap


whats KRS? no, not KRS-One the hip-hopper, but "Knowledge Reigns Supreme"

special day coming up, and the Milo store has a new V-day tee



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