Monday, February 14, 2005

Its Valentine's Day, so i thought i'll just post up some beautiful things that come across my mind
photo by Wolfgang Volz
Central Park in NYC has this excellent excellent art installation by Christo and Jean Claude. 7500 steel gates with nylon flags, 16 feet tall, 23 miles long, 26 years in the making, $20 million, on view for 16 days. Just by looking at the pics, i'm floored...i wish theres something like this where i live. The subtleness and simplicity really gets me. Just think, they've been having this idea for 26years(as old as yours truly) and finally they get a chance to show the world (thank you Mayor Bloomberg) what beauty really is. And just as art imitates life, it will only last for 16 days before it is dismantled... "enjoy life while it lasts"...
check more pics at Josh's site

i just caught this on the telly...smoking hot stuff..i now know what the golden globes have been raving about

Eva Longoria is a babe through and through

Its a nerd, learn about the science of kissing

A closer...i'll leave u with a wonderful poem i found(from the net, what else):
I'll stop loving you when
Diamonds never sparkle
And flowers cease to grow
When thunder doesn't echo
And rivers do not flow
When hearts no longer wonder
And hands are never held
When smiles are only memories
And hope is never felt
When trees no long blossom
And the stars refuse to shine
When autumn has no falling leaves
And winter no longer dies
When time has no more tomorrows
And rainbows have no hue
When God alone commands me
Then I'll stop loving you!

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