Sunday, February 06, 2005

The pic u see above was done by Ian Wright...he's from the, he's not a soccer player, and i don't know if he's an Arsenal fan. But he does gorgeous installation art. Don't believe what i say, go see for yourself

Interesting article about how a cable operator is providing porn content to subscribers...esp the part which explains their rating system:
Single-X-rated movies feature nudity, long-range or panoramic and medium-range camera shots, simulated sex and sex between women.
Double-X-rated movies show intercourse, oral sex and close-up shots.
Triple-X-rated movies feature anal sex and visible ejaculation.

simonsays: now i know...

In case you haven't signed it yet...

Stop Ashlee Simpson from singing

ok...last nugget of info for u...all u loyal folks who've been reading my blog (but do drop me a anonymous post or 2 to say hi)
Remember the triple-collaboration of stussy, mad hectic and new balance? (if not, check the real/fake page of mine up top)
(drumroll...)Here's the sequel:
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New Balance x Stussy x Masterpiece
simonsays: and guess what, it matches the tee i have! purple hotness!


roy said...

hey.. nice blog you have here.. thanks for updating on the singapore street scene.. cause im in uk studying, kinda updated from you about the scene back in the sunny island.. thanks dude. DOPE!

xymon said...

thanks for reading! :)
have a nice CNY in uk

Anonymous said...

damn those nbs are hot, shame ill never be able to pick em up.

- O.B