Sunday, February 06, 2005

This is gonna be a fun post for the day

Folks in France sure are gonna have fun
The geniuses at Project Blinkenlights have done it again...if u happen to drop by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, go play Pacman, Tetris, Pong or Breakout on a building. This follows their absolutely mindblowing debut in Berlin a while back...they;ve even been featured in Kylie's MV for "can't get you out of my head".....Na-na-na,nana-na-na-na...

I've never been a fan of the Star Wars Prequels of Episode 1 and 2...but i adore the original trilogy, and this abso-f**king-lutely takes the cake

Trilogy done in LEGO!

Maybe its a sign i'm old, but i sure do remember some of the toys in this list
Top 100 toys

But this one caught my eye...hehe
No. 41
simonsays: anyone actually has this toy? pls sell me!

Yet another list, thankfully it doesn't make me look old... Top 100 singles for the new century
While its more hip-hop and mainstream biased, it sure does serve as a good list of songs u should have on your ipod or ripped on your pc(if u haven't already) =)

Those fake jelly kelly/birkin bags are a dime-a-dozen on the streets for the longest time(since 2003 in fact) I do like them, fresh, young and very fun look to it...however it ranks the same as those transparent/translucent fashion throw-it-all-in bags that girls love so much. Sometimes u just forget what u throw maybe gasp a pad or a tampon. Thankfully a condom isn't that Hilary Duff's
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problem is, i don't think she's legal yet.. hehe. On a side note, Trojan is sure to love the publicity

The 29th Superbowl is tomorrow(or tonite in US)...ah, the macho-ness, pumped up atmosphere, creative/controversial, the Simpsons will be on!

guest starring Warren Sapp(NFL QB), Tom Brady(NFL QB), Michelle Kwan(figure skating hottie), and get this: LeBron James and Yao Ming... u have arrived, big guy, u have arrived

Funny coincidence i guess, but the Superbowl every year precedes the Chinese New Year of the Lunar calendar...yes... its that time of feasting and visiting relatives, but most importantly, no work. Feel free to sponsor me clothes and shoes though, i'm always open to offers =)

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