Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I hate Murphy

Sometimes you just get the teeniest bit of feeling that Murphy is peering over your may not actually believe Murphy's Law, but it sure as hell seems to happen to me a whole lot. Allow me to, explain...(whatever):
At work, i'm literally a working disaster...ok, maybe losing things, delaying production line etc doesn't directly affect me, but it does begin to dawn upon me that i may have played a part in causing it. Away from work, i never get the good breaks...god knows when's the last time i won any contest or lucky draw based on pure luck, and without strings attached(those stupid time-share survey/luckydraw not withstanding). I mean, ordinary peeps get to win shoes, clothes, cars etc...i'm more likely to get "thank you for participating" note. Heck, even when i get an offer for free magazine subscription, i get no further reply(Vapors, pls get back to me, i'm sorry if i said anything wrong)....major bummer i tell you
Is it karma? what did i do in me past life? more importantly, can i do something about it?(spoken like a true Singaporean)

Are my links and info on this blog not enough? wait, don't answer..i already know it LOL

Ok ok, so i'll just continue my post...hopefully someday some good will come out of it(pls let it be on lottery-day tomorrow)
In the meantime, enjoy...

NB offer
This is for readers in Singapore. New Balance local office is offering a Valentine's discount of sorts: Buy a women's NB product and get the men's NB product at 50% (or vice versa) Offer valid till end Feb.
Only valid at New Balance Tech Centre, 60 Alexandra Terrace, The Comtech, #02-09. Tel:6273-1255
simon says: Tell them you heard of the offer from me!!!

Free Looks
Whats a "xymon" blog without news of Paris Hilton...hottie gives more than intended(or is it really?)

following pic not safe for work

akan datang: Skinner's Kognitiv Kulture
Go peep at my pal's new blog...plenty of hype news, pics etc at iamskinner blog
Ask him for more info on his new this hottie

Quite a few coolhunters have mentioned Justin's excellent new blog...It all started during the Pepsi advert on Superbowl halftime. Needless to say, Justin is smitten...i gotta admit, thatpepsigirl aka Mandy sure is hot

Setting up a blog just coz u really like someone is pretty cool, some might say nuts, but i'd say its cool in my books. But setting up a blog coz of a song pretty much takes the cake... i doubt many have heard the song "Jenny 867-5309". The deal is this: the simple catchy song is about the title girl at the phone number. The ridiculous deal is that this guy actually phoned up all the 867-5309's in every state in US! all 989 of them!(didn't i tell u he the man?)....but the best response is entry #678 hehe. click me to visit the Jenny site

right, thats all for today....
prays to self: pls let me win the lottery tomorrow...

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