Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New Custom: V-Day/Wedding special
Managed to wing this little custom out on about 5 work-hours...but it took like over 2 days of 2-3 hour sleep for it to happen

Colorway: Red patent/lavender/3M hot pink
Specially for Anson & Tricia's wedding, v-day...and believe it or not Tricia's upcoming b-day (coincidence? hell yeah!)

Did anyone catch the Superbowl yesterday? Patriots were excellent throughout the season, and they deserve the win...but don't just believe what i say, listen to the ape! read article simonsays:I wonder if she will predict this month's big lottery....hmm

Pic of the day

Get more amazing snowflake photos here
simonsays: its def going into my bookmarks!

Continuing the "snow" train of thought...(i dunno why, must be the bloody hot weather these few days)...i wish i can go to this place someday...heck, just a trip to someplace snowy will do for me

Go visit the ICE HOTEL

fun story to end the day:
ever tried picking locks? these guys amaze me...ALOT Lock Picking competition i wouldn;t want to tell them where i live...

Heres wishing all Chinese bloggers/readers a happy Lunar New Year, all the best to your health! Cheers!

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