Saturday, February 12, 2005

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ah...a tee that describes the state of mind...

Who knew that holidays fly by so quickly? I'm supposed to be having a ball of a time relaxing and doing nothing ALL day, EVERYday...but i find myself seriously lacking in the department of slagging, skiving, snoozing etc...the nearest i came to those are that my name starts with an "S" too. Thankfully there are exceptions and i managed to spend a little pocket of time doing...NOTHING. I tell you, its wonderful(therapeutic in fact)what a cup of coffee(ice blended thank you), aimless wandering(more so due to confined space of a suburban mall), and simply clearing my brain of thoughts(by way of chit chats) can do for you. Its like clicking on the "Empty Recycle Bin" option, nothing easier...especially when u have a great friend around for company(thanks Y!). Maybe we'll catch up on that shopping thing sometime in future eh? haha

Gonna be a short blog today... so go check out Method Studios'new ad for adidas... i think its excellent!

Some outstanding new ideas and inventions...Read it all here, via Interaction Design

Peep the tees at In4mation's online store

I wish i could make my own stickers and plaster them all over town, like these guys

simonsays:i gotta make one for the local trains...

Or write something, in these pictures of walls


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