Thursday, February 10, 2005

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Yeah, so i'm under-dressed for the new year... who gives a shit?

I do wish to have some fancy togs like Jude Law in Alfie, y'know, gucci suits, prada lace-ups, valentino hosting and image hosting by
The movie's a great date movie by the way, a relaxing take for those boring afternoons or late nites when u just don't know what else to do. Of course the fact that the title character leads a "happening" life does attract me somewhat...mainly becoz he gets to shag all the birds(duh, what else?), including a certain Sienna Miller(his current real-life squeeze)...who does look pretty hot in most scenes(when she's not fully dressed)
simonsays: hmm, lots of parenthsis today...i guess i'm back to my old

Anyway, heres a nifty little Q&A read-up for those questions you were always dying to find out about the fashion weekend. Find out how u can do a "Versace" walk...i'm more comfortable with a "street" walk...Read article here

Speaking of remember to catch Constantine, starring Keanu...Now i don't really credit him for his acting abilities, but he does fit the title role in this DC comic(Hellblazer)-to-film trip. I think the film's gonna do pretty well, through word of mouth(like mine) and effective marketing(released in Asia week ahead of the US), however i do hope it doesn't bring a whole host of comic related movies just coz its a comic. Not everyone can transfer a graphic novel to screen...thankfully Constantine does catch enough of my attention (cos i'll be damned, my first love is comics!)

"Welcome to my world"

Alrite, last topic for the day...something for u i-pod fans

Cheers y'all


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