Sunday, February 13, 2005

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Whats in my pockets...essentials and a 10million dollar dream

Its stay-in day today, so i'll just post up some stuff i've been reading since morning (the rest are either not post-worthy, or not suitable for such a family-oriented site)yeah right

5 in hospital, 20 with heat exhaustion, hundreds others stadium stampede? Naahh...just your average IKEA sale opening day. Somehow, i think it justifies those clueless kids queueing for shoes
outside Barneys pic

Speaking of crazy queues, i'm sure everyone speaks fondly of the hello kitty madness here in Singapore...this however, is pretty spiffy. Sanrio commissioned NYC design collection Surface to Air for this outdoor installation for Kitty's 30th Anni. via viceland

Yeah yeah, i've been using my new phone for a couple of months now...but who can resist new gadgets? I tell u, when the Helix by PDD launches in future, its gonna be huge...go view it at the 3GSM world congress if u are in Cannes next week.

Everybody has them lying in a corner of their cardboards...How to turn old tees into underwear

I love cheerleaders and this is amazing...its real too, so its friggin' amazing
watch vid here
simonsays: anyone willing to introduce their cute cheerleading friends to me? u know how to find me

Go get the March issue of W magazine... Ms Kate is simply hot
simonsays: its that old school glamour feel, very timeless

Something i think everyone needs at some point in time...25 toughest questions asked in an interview Cut-Paste-Save

Strange things do get passed as Bills in Parliament...
I pretty much like thong-watching in town, so i'm gonna pity dudes in Virginia
Virginia fines people in low-riding pants
simonsays: so where does the money go? buying belts for the people? or better yet, maybe they can buy common sense from somewhere

Ever wonder how to impress that dude at Bang & Olufsen showroom? or correct your irritating boyfriend who insists his cheapskate 6ft speakers are much better than Bose's cube speakers? Now you can

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