Saturday, February 19, 2005

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Go peep the 2005 SI swimsuit issue

View the showstudio'svideo and images from last year's Nike White Dunk exhibition

Micr0$oft wAnTs 2 te4ch u wat th3 kId$ R realie s4yin9
simonsays: can't blame those old fogeys..haha

You know the catchy tune in the Heineken ad "Meet you there", where the dudes do breakdancing moves like "popping" and sliding? The song is called "cobra style" by this group called "Teddybear Sthlm". Check out their video on their own page

Check out this uber-cool street campaign by Idealab 3M in Canada... what better way to showcase your product than for a hands-on real-life sample...mind you, thats real moolah behind the glass

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That last pic reminded of the work by design duo of Mia&Jem from Sydney, check out their simple and cute bathroom signages, among their other awesome work of course!

Ever tried googling your name and see what turns up? now i know xymon is "a high-strength composite material for applications requiring extremely high strength without significantly compromising chemical resistance." click

But this is more fun...ever wondered if your name turned up more often on goole than God? Googlefightcompares the 2 word searches on google and lets u know! Check out the classic fights of "god vs satan", "coke vs pepsi", "Mac's vs Burger King" ...but my fave is the "my girlfriend vs Pamela Anderson" its a close call! hahaha

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Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for giving the title of the Heineken song! :-) I was looking for it.

Greetings from Sthlm (Stockholm) ;-)