Monday, May 29, 2006

sweet child o' mine
We all know the guitar licks, that turn of a chord as she sifts so swiftly through the tune and the lyrics just come so easily across our tongue... Sure, the vocals are not up to scratch, but we can't blame the guy...he's been through worse days, much worse, before successfully appearing on the stage this time. But, boy, that lead guitarist sure brings back memories...

XMen3: The Last Stand end scene
Damn, now i know why the fan boys were staying behind the other day at the theater...Hidden Scene at the end after end credits. Scene shows Xavier as still being alive as he transferred his mind to the patient he was referring to earlier in the movie.

Allow me to indulge in 1 more you-tube video, seriously, just 1 more
You won't regret it (maybe you will, but it'll be after you view it). Best 6 minutes of Tummy-jiggly barrell of laughs today...


In case anyone else hasn't caught the Prison Break bug yet. For gals: Wentworth Miller is worth your time. For guys: how sick is that tattoo?! Not supposed to advocate illegal downloads (cough*torrent), so go get the DVDs y'all. I heard Japan has the first 2 episodes out already.
pfft, 2 episodes... i can tell you the season finale already
half slice or full?
This one's for Tommy. She asked about the state of her Filet-O-Fish burger a while back, and how the one in UK seem to have only half a slice of cheese. She remembers that the one she had back home in SG had a complete cheese slice. She was also shaken by the curt and swift reply from a certain "someone" from Ronald's office (it was a tad high-handed, no?) about how an individual has no right to take photos in their restaurants and views about their menu need to be verified before everything can be published on a blog, yada yada *yawn*
Never one to disappoint a good pal, i picked up the gauntlet and bought a filet burger (something which i haven't done in ages. somehow it doesn't fill my stomach like the other burgers, or other restaurants)
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Lo and behold, its half a slice of cheese (pardon the crappy phone-cam pic, wouldn;t want Mr big-red-shoes to come chasing me out) just as the menu says so!
But i'm still not fully convinced. It still doesn't prove what Tommy and my memories serve to remind, which is that we both had full-slice cheese in our Filet-O-Fish in our younger days. Egads, we might have been bamboozled!

Anyways, here's a game for you fish-fans
Hope that was food for thought for ya, laters!

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