Saturday, May 13, 2006

With the on/off internet troubles i've been having the past weeks, i managed to do something i probably haven't done in, like, oh maybe 5 years. I read a book for real. "oh, hooray" i hear you say, "so what? stop kiddin'"
Seriously, while i do not regret the "higher" education i got (not to mention the hopes from every child's parents), i do not find studying the equivalent of reading. It certainly isn't what i'd say enjoy doing...sure, interesting in some sense, but same as having a non-pressurized desire to consume paragraphs of texts in my own free time? nope
Anywho, you guys need to check this out: Balderdash & Piffle - english words and their curious origins by Alex Games. I know, i know, it sounds like a nerd text already, but it is surprisingly a very easy and interesting read. It accompanies a television series on the BBC too,

Think of it this way, even if you can't get thru the whole book, at least it'll help you in Scrabble.

Wait don't go, the fun is just beginning
You guys should at least have this one: Great Lies to tell Small Kids by Andy Riley Image Hosted at
It has tummy tickling excerpts like these:


Had a nice early start to the weekend. Decided to drop by town for a quick bite of lunch. Its been awhile since i wore the Beck tee by Shawn Mortensen. I love photo-print tees. Its sort of like a photographic flashback to your own memories of what the print means, who knows, maybe it meant the same to the designer?

Also wore the HTM Zoom Macropus. Very comfy stuff, Zoom Air doesn't disappoint. I think they complement well with the dirty denim too. If anyone has some us9.5's (they run huge) to let go, drop me a line, i'll take them anyday.

Went shopping for some Mother's Day gift with A today, couldn't really decide what to get, but finally settled on some nice sunnies. Incidentally, it poured today...ah, the irony...Also took the FBT out for a breather. I dunno, i'm more partial to loafers and moc's these days than trainers...sign of ageing? *shudders
BTW, anyone know which series are the above suede booties?

Fru Fru & Tigerlily have updated their site. Good stuff, gals!
*disclaimer: i do not know the gals actually, just crossing my fingers they'll send me semi-naked pix modelling their wares. yup.
here and there
Spotted these pix in cyberspace...

VW's Computer-controlled stackers collect your new car from the 20-storey facility to you at the front door. Uber-cool!

Funny i didn't notice this. Ads by Singapore Environment Council promote "atmospheric pollution affects everyone". Yup, everyone from witches, to angels to aliens. heh

CLOT party brought out the cool peeps. Also a peek of the transparent Air Max before the drop at Juice. HF was out to support Ed (sporting the new Alienegra line of apparel)

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New Surrender tee for Frens n Fam. Features an inside print...nice work

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