Sunday, May 28, 2006

X3.BB.bling.Love Life
Its a lovely day out...just nice for a trip to the cinema for X3!
Tell ya more when i back...
In the meantime, this looks like a matching attire for the movie:

S2C tokyo chapter tee

Its Summer! Its World Cup Fever! Its Michael Lau! OMFG!
Faster than you can say "burn plastic", here comes more trouble for your bank account , and summer's only just started! M-Lau's tie-up with SOGO in HK features his cute BB figure in wolrd cup team colors!
Anybody willing to hook me up? please?
Saw these crazy bling-ed out merc pix from the Japan car show...madness

Funnily enough though, what would happen if i just pluck out 1 crystal? nobody will realise, right? Right?
love life. stop Aids

These Swiss ads hit the point:"no action without protection".
Like the saying goes:"short and sweet". Check out the site for more info as well as more pics and video from the campaign. Lovelife.stopaids
I wish the local ads were as creative and open
Some useless yet interesting news: Hogwarts dragon found!

and for locals who have watched the Da Vinci Code...a funny short animation

a nice read on GRUPS...i've yet to go thru it...maybe laters


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