Saturday, May 27, 2006

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When i saw the list of artist for Group4 of the Stussy WorldTour tee series, i knew it was gonna be hot. Thank god the pix are finally out:

Mr Lenny kicking it yet again

How hot is Haze this year?! And is that "Geylang" i spot on the back?!?! a truly double-U-Tee-Eff moment

Ghost rounds off the Group with the wackiest design, no doubt it will be rocked by lots of peeps in the biz
Pardon me for not being up wit' the hype machine lately... but this one-off laser custom for Stash by Nike is hot. Big ups to "wilson", hope you win it!

Spotted these awesome UC "chuut" denim...nice prints

But i'm lovin' these sunnies though. Details details

Speaking of which: Surrender blazers flying your way real soon...and do i spy a special black/pink variation? yumm...

Nope, its not my ride,...found them (the pics not the ladies) on some local site. Wish i knew the place though... heh

Stuff to click:
There's big things out there!
fush buck-worst president in history?
and don't forget to have a hoot with Bush Speech
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Interesting thoughts of Edward Monkton
Sometime back, MT recommended me books by Edward Monkton. i've yet to check them out ...hmm, yet another item on my to-do list. Kino here i come!


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Deez said...

Man...these Singaporean girls are hot.