Monday, May 08, 2006


Love these Leons by James Jarvis? Keep your radars up for a sneaky debut soon ;)

Stussy Custom made's by Danny Boy O'Connor
I think they're great, but i've somehow run out of steam tryin' to catch up with them great many full-over prints

Split design
These guys make some simplistically lovely items! I bet Tommy will love the squirrel mug. I'm not sure how many people out there still use a mouse pad, but they sure have some lovely prints. Maybe they'll make a great tabletop decorative piece anyway. Go spend some!

Yeah yeah yeah, i'm still harping about the MI:3 flick. But this time, note the printed tee on Magg's. Remember the building in Shanghai where Tom jumps off? Well, i say its too similar a take on Clot label, by Maggie's squeeze, Edison! Too coincidental for a logo ain't it? All i'd say to Edison is, schwing!


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Anonymous said...

errr... that logo on the tower is the logo for bank of china. not a take on clot.

so more like the other way round. clot ripping bank of china.