Thursday, May 18, 2006


Felt really fed up and bored with work today...decided to hop over town for some time alone amongst the crowd (if that makes any sense), and prolly some retail therapy. Guess that always works.

I dunno why, but just walking alone is therapeutic in some ways, to me at least. Its the feeling of getting lost among the buzzing thoughts of people all around you...organized chaos type of theory.

Sort of miss MT lately, and whaddya know, couldn't believe i missed this little store in Wheelock after passing by so many many times. Laine's Papeterie is definitely as sweet on the inside as it is on the outside. Forgot to bring my cam, but who cares, you gots to drop by to see the wonderful stuff init. It's a scrapbook institute(!) and stocks everything from covers, craft tools, paper prints (obvs), trinkets to decorate, lots of quaint little ideas just bouncing off the shelves. I love buying prints everytime i spot them, coz you never know when you're gonna need them for prezzie's, notes, or just decorating. And it is definitely easy spending money here. Even spotted some nice paper punch.. gotta get some on the next visit.

Bought some prints and painted clips. now, i just just need to get off my butt to start on those gifts...

Laine's Papeterie
501 Orchard Road #03-13A Wheelock Place Singapore 23880
Tel: 63336831 Email Laine's
Go drop by and say hi to the lovely & helpful gal behind the counter!
Made my way down to Kino after the paper-overdose for more papier! hyuk hyuk

Picked up my monthly's (after reserving them for so long). Now i'm gonna devour them, pix up when i'm thru!
Some nice looks from the new Hysteric Glamour catalog. HG X Andy Warhol...nice
Aoki is seriously ssmokin'...

Cute stuff from HG Joey. That Led Zepp tee and matching jacket is unreal! Can anyone help me do up a similar jacket?!
Current tunes:
image hosted by ImageVenue.comIron Maiden "Fear of the Dark"
I can even remember the last time i listened to this album...seriously hypnotic guitar licks
image hosted by ImageVenue.comLou Reed "Transformer"
Lou's delivery hits a chord during melancholy times...precious works here.


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Zhaki said...

Excellent taste in clothing and music.

I enjoy getting lost in crowds as well, and I can't begin to explain why.