Sunday, November 25, 2007

half full
End of the week and my tank's half full...optimistic? more like trying to psyche myself up for the coming week. Somehow i think its pretty pathetic to be thinking too much of the following week on a Saturday. Leave the worrying to Monday i'd say...lets just enjoy the present
Marc Jacobs

Probably the most understated color of the range, but i love it all the same. Heck, it'll match all my dull shirts anyway haha
Visvim Eiger Sanction

Package arrived from S78's Oz storage (yeah storage, scary eh?), Eiger Sanction shorts to relax in. One of the perks of staying in the equatorial region, i don't have to worrk about winter... and it should function well in torrential rains.
Stussy Luminox

I swear those dudes at Stussy enjoy torturing me. It took me a while to hunt down the first Luminox collab and now they dropped, not 1, but 3 different variations! argh! This rendition has a bigger tech velcro wrist strap that befitted its co-brand's clandestine heritage. Anyhow, grab the orange one from Stussy Direct while you can
Bodega beef jerky!

Awesome packaging from the wacky guys of Bodega, for the Lumber Jack Purcell collaboration of Bodega and Converse
nice 1's

Now this one really takes autographed kicks to the next level. Nike invited some VVIPs for a sneak preview of Jordan Brands upcoming development and decided to bless 'em with these laser-etched the guests' sizes. Now that's a nice touch for those influencers
Atmos x Porter Pendleton
Getting into the season of all things woolen, plaid and checked, the guys from Knowitnothing brought in some limited stock of the Atmos Porter Pendleton packs and pouches.

Modeled by KIN's resident cam-whore...LOL

I like the pattern work on them...did they make any messenger or sling bags for this range?
Atmos x New Balance 574

Atmos just doesn't let up on the plaid-rage...peep the Atmos 574 "buffalo check" collection.

With mismatched colors rivalling the "what the dunk" SB, yet somehow working well to bring out Atmos' trademark "standout" image, i'm liking both pairs!
Info via

New accessories for G1950. That ring-pendant is too awesome, available in white or black crystals. Also check out the cute little "on/off" alarm clock, that operates based on the position is has been titled. ha
Goodenough JP
The woven belt's been frothing on the rivival wave for a while now...if i can get a good price, i'd want this as my next belt!

Nexus7 Smedley

I want this skull beanie so bad...
Fred Perry Emma Cook

British womenswear designer Emma Cook joins Fred Perry's growing list of guest designers on the Blank Canvas project. Simplistic touch of the famed golden laurels? Maybe, but those 2 pictured above are straight up lovely. Get 'em for the girls this Chrissy
Milkfed AW07

More sweet clothings for the girls...those are hearts! Oh, where can i get them online for my gal? any info, T?
wanted: w)taps "henson" T

This has been out for a long minute, but if anyone has discount hook ups for them, pls help! Danke!
Its Thanksgiving, and i giv thanks for:
Vanessa Minnilo letting us join her on vacation;

i've officially joined the "i hate Nick" club...dayumm!

Krystel Forscutt;
'Nuff said...just enjoy the pics

Miranda Kerr
oh my


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