Sunday, December 02, 2007

long run
End of another long week

last week: nbhd_fragment + nbhd svg + nike htm macropus + casio_fragment
Its been filled with mixed feelings, hearing about the tragedy of how 5 young promising atheletes who gave their lives doing what they love...i don't personally know them, but feel connected somehow through our age group and probably lengthy friendship roots. Hearts and thoughts go out their families and friends. Remembering my days in the uniform, i know the brotherhood bonds are tight as hell and they'll pull through fine.
Midweek at work, i thought i could channel that can-do spirit to my men. They excelled and then some. I was real proud of what they were able to accomplish in such short time, little resources and adverse weather. But it was paid with a high price: I realised after that i had put their lives at risk in the process. Sure, i wouldn't think twice to be in their place, but i guess i can't impose myself onto doesn't work that way in the real world, not like back in the days with my buddies. It sure was a tough lesson in humility and life and one i won't forget anytime soon.
Later in the week (or couple days ago), feeling of bliss as i attended a friend's wedding. Really lovely setup, befitting the adorable couple...i don't think i've seen a prouder smile on the groom's face or contentment on the bride's. Warmest wishes from the bottom of my heart, Gail&Ryan

today: polo + visvim eiger sanction + casio_haze + nike_readymade woven
Unlike the rest of the northern hemisphere getting into the chilly wintry spirit of x'mas etc, its still downright oven-warm out here. Ok, there's still the crazy monsoon rains in the weeks to come, so i should be happy to have any sun at all on my pasty face.
Retail shops are having an all-out sales war. I sure wish my wallet could follow, but guess not. Any peeps popping by for a short stop, there'll def be bargains to be had. Streets are thankfully manageable for walking, i'd think majority have also made the seasonal trip out of the country. The main human crush should come during the super long weekend hols from 19th to 26th.
Gourmet sneaks

Quite a few internet threads have been filled about these sneaks. They;ve just dropped Packers Shoes store and i'd say they look pretty cool. I'd def wear them with sporty casuals, just for nostalgia's sake. Their names? Nah, nothing about 7's or 11's... they're Cease and Desist. Love a company that has a sense of humor
*edit: corrected, should be AJ7's not 8' very bad, but thanks to my solitary ready S78! hahaha
CDG: Kaws, Chrome Hearts

Which to drop the $$ on? sighs, decisions decisions

Oh wait, theres more

Besides the obvious heavy metals from Chrome Hearts, also some prints. Damn, how long do i have to save up for a fleur de lis?...
Supreme big apple

But of course, you were beginning to wonder when they'll ever put out the apple on a new era, and voila, there you have it

More rotten-ness in the form of Hikaru's skulls. Protect ya head
Futura Clarks

Close up of those crazy-dope Clarks... i can almost forgive the laces
NexusVII Porter

Yet more proddy-poison from N7. Sure its frickin' huge like those Vis e-cats.. and not as luxurious etc, but hey, the Porter's at least cheaper (not that i can still afford it though, hahaha)
Damn, that black vinyl and metal buckles are too tempting

butter soft

Bottega's really growing on me lately. Ever since i've set hands on the butter soft leather-work on their carry-alls, i've been hooked. These wallets will do nicely for a birthday treat don'tcha think? Just have to subversively plant these images to my friends' email/brain/thoughts etc... mwahahhahaa *evil laugh*
i heart Rinko & Chanel

i heart VS

aka: damn i wish i was the male models
Trooper love
Its the weekend, chuck your brain aside for a minute

Ahhh...i need to make a trip to TKO soon...

more brain-scratching...
Snoop's sensual seduction

Weed+west coast hip hop=euro R&B soul? Whatevs, its gonna get loads of airplay

have a good week ahead


78 said...

dude that's a 7 rip off not an 8........... shiiiiiiiiiiiit

xymon said...

LOL, guess i was caught sleepin'...
thanks for the correction S!