Saturday, June 30, 2007

Recent mail-call

Some vintage NBHD. unworn '03 henley sweat and NH x Fragment tee:Timeless imagery.
Both shipped for less than half the price a brand new sweat - now thats a deal!
Broke out the NH Fragment tee, paired with skinny jeans and Stussy ProKeds

Chilling out on the morning train-ride to work
Welcome to Springfield

Inspired by Jeff, introducing Xymon Simpson =) (and no, kids, thats not a Futura tee, hahaha!!!)
Get yours done at Simpsons movie site.
Vans Simpsons movie

For a project that has been years in the making [no kidding, Matt registered the movie website more than 10yrs ago], its gonn be BIG this summer. I think any designer will kill to be involved in any Simpsons project, let alone have a free hand on collaborative footwear. Looking at the names in the list [all of which looks drawn on-point], i think its gonna be wild
Stussy HRJK10 x Porter
The Stussy Harajuku 10th celebration was a couple months back, and i still have not seen the end of the collabs!

This Porter pack looks awesome! Friends and fam always get these sorta swag, i just wish some would swing by my way...[wishful thinking yet again, but you never know]
Supreme s/s

Color variations of the Showbiz & AG "Goodfellas" album-inspired print; and new PhaseII tee [black looks fierce]
New prints up at M&M

Liking the colors of the deck prints

and message screens as usual
Unrivaled - the most anarchic

Also new Unrivaled stuff up at ELT. Huge G-clef is a must for HF-headz..ha!
TokiDoki Strangeco - Adios & ciaociao

These lovely vinyl critters were created by Simone Legno of TokiDoki and StrangeCo.
Get some cutie apparel up at their shop as well
SlamJam revamp

Fresh new look for the boys in Milano, go check out the new presentation of proddy at SlamJam store. And if you're wondering how the apparel will fit, the boys gladly show you at the Features section. For those that have shopped @ SJ before, it's great to put a face to Riccardo finally! haha!
Big ups to the boys[and girls] for the new development [esp with the new stussy.EU chapter coming up]
Now this is what i call a real fan! Narrator from Unkle77 forum has compiled his own FULL-LENGTH music video to complement Unkle's track "Edit Music for a Film", edited from his extensive DVD movie collection:
Edit Music For a Film video
Heck i think you can call it a remix: "Edit Film for Music", props!
Sit through the entire vid, and recognise all the images/scenes used in the vid. My personal fave: the sword fight scene!
Big ups to Unkle77 mod Shivo for the info
Emma grows up

Damn, is 17yrs old legal yet? i don't really care in any case...thats some lovely growth spurt there and Katie looks hot too

Harry Skywalker? Luke Potter?

For the g33ks out there...heh heh heh
Christina distraction

Christina cleverly deflects all talk of baby rumors with her hefty chest...
Keeley Hazell

Breakfast at tittys..i mean Tiffanys (only 2 pics that are safe for work view) :)

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