Sunday, June 17, 2007

...drops of Jupiter...
Surrender x Dita

Finally dropping after much anticipation, Surrender releases the Dita eyewear E=mc2 and Drifter. Hand-made frame, 18k gold hunges with signature Alan Forbes Surrender skull detailing, E=mc2 delivers on all counts. But i'm sticking with the classic Drifter, cool to death silhouette with the Surrender skull laser-etched on lens(!).
Yes, the price for both pairs provides some barriers to entry to the elite club of Dita owners, but i'd say this is one limited edition [only 25 per design] that is worth its weight in gold.
Try it on in-store or avoid the grubby fingerprints by ordering online. Props to Earn & co!
got wood

NikeHK flagship x Michael Lau. dity skinny stacked jeans.Stussy Prokeds
Pulled out the MLau nike flagship tee for a breather...the tee surprisingly held its shape and print quite well. I don't think anyone still remembers these ProKeds, i remember wearing them in Uni days and people thought i customed them myself(!) haha. Still holding up pretty well, but its due for a scrub down

Now who the heck stuffs a trucker cap in a tiny latex glove box when sending overseas? sheesh...
thank god the cap turned out alrite...a "back in the day" piece between Recon JP and Undercover
got it!

4 critical analytic tests, 1 essay, 4 hours, 1 numb brain, 1 xray scare and barely a week later...the offer is in! [cue gleeful smiles with a hop and a skip]
I'm excited at the new prospects and it might be what i need to fire up the imagination and drive again. I must say the tests haven't been too daunting [taxing, but not crushing on the brain] but the essay is something i haven't done since pre-Uni days. But having undergone it, i must say it almost felt like writing one long blog, hah! So there is something good about spending hours of your life writing and expressing yourselves, kids!
more than just a logo

a re-interpretation of Reebok's logo by ad agency in India, working in the diiferent sports elements into the logo [click enlarge to see]
Knowitnothing opening

Knowitnothing opened yest, i missed it, but you shouldn't. Go check it out where possible
Megan Fox - Angie 2.0???

Damn, Megan's looking mighty fine...a strong sign of Angelina perhaps eh? i certainly don't mind!
Dita for M.A.C

Dita doin' her thang...on a lipstick..."Oh-eM-Gee"


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