Saturday, June 23, 2007

LeftFoot Taipei chapter opening

Big ups to Anthony and the LeftFoot crew for the next chapter in the store's illustrious history. SG reprezent!
Still remember way back [from the days of Vintage Closet] when it was the only place to get the latest from then emerging streetwear scene here in SG. Taipei Chapter shows LF still staying ahead of the game

Check out the pics from LF Familia Jahan's blog, where a whole host of Taiwanese/HK celebs and artistes graced the opening ceremony and launch party.
out-Levi-ing Levi Strauss
Check out the NY Times article
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DJ Mehdi

Watch this vid and then watch this next one:
Pound by Evan Bernard

Not gonna say much about it, but while its pretty cool to look at, it'll be godawfully tiring to do it everytime you spot a homey...heh
Koda Kumi "Love goes like":

"Crazy 4 U"

This JPOP babe is hot, if you can get a hold of her concert DVD's or MV collections, its well-worth your time...(just wait for her mid-song breakdowns)
move aside Ayumi-chan!
Kate Beckinsale lookin' hot

Megan Fox

Angie who? this babe is rockin' it hard lately!

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