Wednesday, June 06, 2007


ihavepop returns
After starting up his Lavar brand side project [featuring the popular JimBauer custom T's], Juse returns to his street art dissertation of popular culture via ihavepop. Pictured are a set of concrete fitness weights for WeSC's seasonal theme of "Lets Get Physical".

Watch out for more to come from the brain that conjoured up concrete dunks, spray cans, footwear made from shoeboxes etc. Next up on th "ihavepop" project scope? It's titled "toys on tour" and here's a sneak peek [it was out weeks back on STW2D but kept on the downlow]

Attus "Shot Up" polo

From a label that comes off the beaten path for their range of polo shirts, comes a pretty wacky set. Using their "hangover" design, they took a set out to the woods and shot them up with different firearms. Not the first of its kind to feature a tee
ridden with bullet holes, but i like the idea and thought process of using the "hangover" tee. I mean, who else but a dude with serious hangover shoots 'em up? This sure opens up a host of other opportunities, based on attus apparel's other designs, you could have metal studs on the "Sid"; beer stains on "the 40"; fake nose bleeds on "the jerk" and; well-worn acid washed-flight patched look for "the hesher".
Remember, you heard it here first!
Dissizit does SpanofSunset

Slick rocks SpanofSunset yet again with the return of the SoS in-house tee
Features the famous Mickey hands from the streets of thats the real deal
SNKR FRKR - Ten Commandments of sneaker design

At some point or another, we [sneakerheadz in general] have certain opinions about particular sneaker's design/theme/look/hype etc and why certain companies/labels/designers are doing it wrong or right.
They're all golden rules for sure, and now SNKR FRKR comes up with a feature on the 10 commandments for the "thou shalt" and "thou shalt nots" of designing sneakers

Nice read, and great to keep in mind the next time you spot the new releases: hype to gripe or hot to cop?
Game & Kanye "wouldn't get far"

I like the way this vid takes itself not too seriously, the first scene of Game in Kanye threads is too hilarious!

Cameron remind one and all why we fell in love with her dramatic entrance in her first movie role in Mask: dripping wet, bursting out of her figure hugging red dress, letting your eyes linger on her long long legs....


Jessica Alba does just as well in her own rendition of the hot red dress

And how could i round off a post without Lady Victoria? Pretty usual getup, but damn, those are some tight denims, so tight the zip's come undone...


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