Friday, June 22, 2007

hey ho, lets go
Recent threads

StussyMasterpiece "Lion of Judah"*lEvis 503B*hTm Moc [no vis]

w)taps RogueSqn*supreme*lEvis 201xx*vsvm serra [only lightly scuffed,S78 ha!]
I finally handed in the resignation letter, and boy, i didn't expect the continuous hours of "discussions" to try and change my mind. But i guess its gonna be tough for everyone, i just hope it'll be as interesting and exciting i hope my new job is going to be!
Junya Watanabe Vans

JW keeping it simple with some olive-tone Vans and premium packaging
FL iconography
Futura Labs updates with some new prints

This one sure is a head-scratcher...chickadee?

Now this one's a beaut, and true to form. Made ya look, eh? a keeper

And Lenny brings the screens in for a silhouette effect
Stussy Medicom Babecube

Its "Lions of Judah" redux for this medicom collab. Up online in a couple of days. Come to think of it, its such an oxymoron when it comes to babecube items...coz you're never able to get anything off that web, fanboys and hypesters almost crash the site the minute they're put up

Was wondering what Mr A was talking about when i showed him pics of the GShock NB574s a week ago, where he said he's just gotta get the watches as well. Now i understand...the black/red is smokin'!
stussy killerwave

Its a new print recently released and i'm a sucker for waves since the hokusai. What i'm interested in is, who's the signature by?
edit: got it, Wes Humpston
goodenough jp

New GDEH drop, looks like micro-fibre apparel for fixie-mad Ura-headz

new print? i likes!
Beastie "The Gala Event" vid

Filmed in SG no less... prob during the time when the guys were in town for the GoodVibrations tour. Check out the cheeky shot of TalkCockSingSong pub

Adventurous foreigners should know what i mean *wink wnik nudge nudge*
Rihanna "Shut up and drive" video

aka Rihanna in booty shorts...seriously did you even notice the lime green tights and leopard print stilettoes and more importantly what she's singing? i thought so.
Jay-Z's got a gold mine
Cameron's tight!

Thats almost spray-painted on!


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