Sunday, November 26, 2006

2 by 2

Woke up with a sore throat, result of my buddy's wedding last nite. Chinese weddings, long throaty toasts, Martel, JD's, XO's, beer and red wine do not mix well...but they sure create a hell of a fun time. Can't remember a better time so far this year

Decided to ditch the laces on the Buckminster Cap's, the original laces were too sneaker-ish and i can't seem to find the right dress-shoe laces to do them up. Thank god Visvim's have elastic straps on the tongue to wear as a slip on.

Its the shopping season yet again, and tons of blogs have gift ideas. Put up a couple for ya peeps...

Year end's always remind me to save for the next...These piggies are pretty cute, piggy and folksy piggy

I can't take my eyes off these owls when i saw them! Too-cool Owling sake ware from Anthropologie

Innocent drinks in UK comes up with these itty bitty bottle knits for a good cause, collect 'em all!
NB attacks?!

In a nod to the reverse-color city attacks of old, NB comes up with a couple of gems. Those wheats won't sit for long in Jap shelves, but the green/white/black is inexplicably calling out to me.
Spidey 3 city attack?

Spidey and Venom playing the city attack too...heh heh
show off

This dude is serious
The wife always wins

My newly wedded buddy only knows this too well...LOL

Scarlett Johansson for Glamour France


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