Sunday, November 12, 2006


Amazing what boredom can make you do at 5am in the morning. Got a couple of hollow plastic pieces from work that nobody wanted, add tape, Loctite, and voila: a pen-holder! ha

PS3 madness officially descends on Japan like typhoon season.
Gizmodo reports of the massive line-ups in Japan. You think sneaker queues are bad? These folks will probably sell their first born to own them PS3's.
Pics via kotaku and News link
speaking of otaku's...

Got a package couple days ago from RTFP...Wha?

Based on a 70's rendition by Malcolm McLaren of the love/hate tee, buddies Nik(RTHQ) and Sol(FigurePunk) have come up with their own version

Peep the details...there's plenty in there where we all have in common! Much thanks and props on the hard work!
Cottom Aquisitions
Turns out a busy week for the postman...

Finally got the Gonz,

and some Michael Lau goodness. I'm still in the hunt for the kicks though, just wish there's a kind Santa out there...

My cousin also came by with a Polo, i think its a sweet color combo.

I traded in the trusty old Nokia for the new 3G phone...peep the front VGA cam, and 3.2Megapixel Carl Zeiss lens on the rear! Talk about pictures on the go, haha

Mimico StormTrooper

The decals were given to parents who bought HotWheels toys for their children in India.

Not to be missed

"Wind it Up" - Gwen Stefanie
The originator throws down the Fergie gauntlet with an lovely track, complete with running LAMB fashion show! LOL

Closing out with a bang:
"GodFather theme" by Slash


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