Sunday, November 12, 2006

seeing you.seeing me

Lovely mirrors...
little people

A really awesome project by Slinkachu, that draws attention to the smallest of details to the Lilliputian characters, yet somehow triggers an inner thought about how it mirrors life in the upsized world. Imagine looking into the lives of others as you spot them around in your life-space...
Magic Mushroom

My buddy Skinner gets up to the sickest customs yet. Can't believe how long it must have taken for him to complete this (serious, he's forever busy...playing RPG games LOL)

Much r-e-s-p-e-c-t for the dope artwork
AF1 25th

So the AF1 turns 25 next year, but so far the plans for the anniversary designs have been weak. I wonder if Nike forgot about it all together. If it was the Dunk, it might've been a different story. Looking at how big adidas made the 35th of the SuperStar, I'm surprised at the barely whimper of any anniversary at all. I mean, just look at Stussy's XXV, all-year round celebration with every living breathing brand out there! There's still time Nike...
In any case, the kicks above commemorate the Famous 5 who sported the AF1 during their playing days. I like the check plate motif

Spotted the pattern on a womens dunk low as well (via)...kinda reminds me of the checker plates i see at my workplace...
Scion @ SEMA
Most of you peeps seen the invisible:man Andrew's design:

But ch-ch-check out David Choe's Monster truck! Thats some badass paintwork, and even a drum set in the back!

More pics here
///7 - Nov 17 North Am launch
It's coming:

Lovely monolithic reference...

1 word: smart

Truth be told, being smart can be scary sometimes. Check out the new Tickle me Elmo - TMX (its been 10yrs!)

Especially when it can roll over, hit the floor and then right itself up!

I gotta get one!

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