Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Haven't had much time to blog lately, i'm pooped most of the time after work. Not to worry, been surfin' even if i hadn't been contributin'...

Surprisingly, my oxides have been holding up pretty well. Erm, well, the whites ain't that oxide white anymore, but y'know what i mean. They've seen plenty of dirt and grime till i've decided i can't protect them any longer...LOL. I still think grey/blue/white colorway is the sickest (case in point: ATMOS dunks/AF1), hence switching to grey laces ever since i copped them on release day (damn, it seemed not too long ago)

Spotted some new additions to our local cams! sneaky fella, that big brother dude. Now i can't pick my nose in peace...
And oh yeah, i guess it means higher fares..shitz

If you haven't clicked when i told you to it!
smush bush

Funny little thingie for the holiday season from Urban Outfitters, accurate to the minute details (check pic 2!)
And what else is left to do but:

Speaking of which, el presidente dropped by the sunny island not too long ago. Being the major pain that he is, he even caused a delay in the GCE A and O-Levels for our local kids...WTF


I know there's lots of 2wheeler headz out you can really pimp them out. Kinda like the blue...
toki-doki x strangeco

These cuties from Toki Doki will be dropping at your friendly toy stores very soon. Head honcho Mozarella holds court over the rest of the dairy products (including soya!)

BxH x Thrasher magazine

These 2 are made for each other...nice
via Secretbase
MOMO tags Manhattan

When walls and spaces get taken, its time to get creative.
MOMO tags the width of Manhattan.
Peep the video here
Next time you see a drip line of paint running on the pavement...pause to appreciate
Art Hotel Berlin

Check out this Art Hotel in Berlin: custom designed theme rooms. The cartoony-2D room is excellent, right down to the black outlines!
Google dig dug
Remember the scene in some forgotten movie where dude falls thru the toilet bowl and ends up on the other side of the world?

Turns out i'll turn up in Ecuador...OLA!
Have fun here
Halle rocks the cleavage...

April Scott...hott

Show of the year: Victoria's Secret 2006

JT getting a peek of some sexy back =)
the show will air Dec 5...get your Tivo's ready.

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