Sunday, December 03, 2006

multiple technix

Its been hectic to say the least. Multi-tasking to the max, damn, the rest of the guys in the company better thank me when they get their bonuses next year for how hard i've been working my ass off. Still thinkin' of switching come the new year though, any MNC semi-con companies out there need a hard-as-hell worker? Just need a pay-rise and better prospects man...

Its interesting to note how even through all the changes, something still stays the same. I've said it before and i'll say it again, Nexus7 does the best babe graphix! Been hunting that multiple technix x HufSF tee (up top) for the longest time, '04 to be exact. Thats like golden age in today's interweb-2.0 age. Released in miniscule quantities only in SF, you can't believe how much i was fiending for them (real jealous of my buddy KC who paid a ransom for 'em!)
So i'm stoked as hell to be getting these DS-BNWT below retail. God bless eBay, for my X'mas has come early!
shredder shudder!

Week upon week, i still get requests to check up on fake kicks and authenticity etc. If any mailers out there are reading, sorry for the long-ass reply, i try me best.
So recently, nearly a mill Nikes and a couple G's of the other brands' knock-offs got shreded. Thats gotta be good news for one and all.
But i have to say something, and i quite agree with some of the points from pumatalk, why couldn't we all take a step back, work out a plan a little, and donate (some if not all of) them to the poor kids in Third World countries?

Some nice Stussy Japan digs by covertshadowops/cavey. Wanna get them? hit up Harikirischoolgirls before they all gone!

Supreme Four Horsemen
Looks like a first peek for this tee

Kid Koala

Been listening to Kid's tunes lately, dude is cool stuff. Remember to check out his earlier works
Image Hosted at ImageHosting.usImage Hosted at
badass penguins

Check out these badass penguins from Jasper Steven Thomas
Ultraman G-Shock

This might be just the watch for X'mas..ha
Dope packaging and collab as usual
Smedley stripes

Anyone out there with a hook up for this Smedley L/S striped crew? Looking for a Large
O' Maria!!!

Props to Mr "oneyearolderthanme" for the link...Maria Ozawa in her element for Staple 07.
You prolly won't notice this, but the black jacket and tee in the 2nd pic? Staple x Base Control y'all...Jeff in his collaboration mode.
A couple more of Miyabi...

April Scott for Maxim UK

White Sharks CAN Jump

Phoenix Gorilla is out of job

Been outta touch with NBA action for a while and i get this? Could the famous Phoenix Suns Gorilla be out of work soon?


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