Tuesday, November 14, 2006

seen and heard lately:
Real Subvert

Real Skateboards collaborates with Shepard Fairey of Obey for a series of decks depicting Real's team of riders.
Jim Thiebaud:
"I have always respected and admired what Shepard Fairey does. His art, design, and connection with subversive imagery have always been something that I respected and totally sweated. Being able to work with him on the new REAL Subvert Series was a great experience. He really brought out the differences the guys on the team have while also showing that they share the common bond of riding for REAL".

classic skate & BMX at SkatePool
Check out some nice mementoes of your past at skatepool: skate decks, bmx grips and vision kicks

This lass had me chuckling away...Peep more here
Frank Gehry x Fossil watches

Saw these quite some time ago in the shops, thought it was pretty cool since most of us no longer tell time that way: "half past 11" for 11:30 or "6 till 1" for 12:54
Get them here at the online shop
Could Mr Jebbia be going the way of Anything, UXA, Vehicle etc?

After hearing Fats comment about the woes in London, i found out from T that indeed shops like MHI, Bape and Hideout have been hit by looting kids. I guess they really do give an arm or leg for a camo hoodie. For the staff and rest of us shopping at your friendly neighborhood stores: be safe

Gemma Atkinson

The Moss giving fan boys a peek


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