Saturday, November 25, 2006

hot kiss!
cyborg name decoder
yum yum
Always loved robots...not too bad of an acronym eh?
get your own here
ad for Diario papers, Brazil

Wonderfully crafted ads for a news publication in Brazil. Peep the details
Crooked Balance - confederacy of villiany

Y'all prolly seen it already. Its hot stuff. A collab 991 is not gonna come by anytime soon.


Now here's something useful for your Macbook. Tapping into the Macbook's internal accelerometer (its used to protect your hard-drive), a digital artist got an onscreen marionette to react to his offscreen tilts!
Check out the video at gizmodo
guess who
New FP coming up
where's Keeley

Classic X-tina

thanksgiving "stuffs"
Salma & VB


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