Sunday, November 05, 2006


Way to spend the saturday afternoon reporting to camp...gotta do what you gotta do.

Random pix

Zouk flyer featuring Jahan; W)Taps tag

KoKo Penguin lamp!

These are pretty cute, think Tommy will like them more. Get more info here from KoKo design
LV Jack & Lucie

Inspired by Jack O'Lantern and Lucie the oldest human fossil for Halloween.

Interesting and lovely design by Vicki Turner
Trainer Spotter - Knight moves

From the Phil Knights of the world down to that youngbuck eyeballin your sneaks at the club, the sneaker game is like a never ending game of chess, if not all out warfare! It's about how Phil's forgotten what it's like to be the little guy! Prior to 1972 Nike was a small sports footwear company called Blue Ribbon Sports that had decided to take on the might of Adidas and Puma. In anticipation of the 1968 Mexico City olympics, BRS had named a new shoe the Aztec. In a move both curious and flattering to tiny BRS, Adidas sent Phil Knight a letter threatening to sue as they already had a model called Azteca Gold. BRS changed the name of that shoe to the Cortez because 'he was the Spaniard who conquered the Aztecs.' via Digital Gravel
Bose inear

While i prefer headphones, these lovely Bose in-ear earphones seem excellent. Now i have another earphones in my list: B&O, Amandana, Bose
Funny pix
No captions nescessary:

idioms made easy

X-tina and JLH giving some teases...have a good weekend


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ebbs said...

That dodge trucks bit is hilarious. Who comes up with this stuff.