Wednesday, September 13, 2006

word of the day:"Sikamikanico"?
Sometimes boredom just brings out the best in you. I was rifling thru my dusty cupboards just to find something to do (wierd, i know) the other day, and came across pieces of teenaged memory...

Sure lots of kids today know Nirvana and the 1 & only PE (hopefully for ChuckE and not the current FlavorFlav, nor coz of Supreme), but its those days of lounging in the dingy music stores and hunking over the corner jiving to the sick rhymes to your headphones and headbanging against the wall to the Seattle grunge that brings back the memories...
I know its gonna be cliched as hell, but heck, analog is as fresh as 192kbps!!! And Sikamikanico? Google it and you'll find yet another non-radio-chart-bustin' hit...

Lovely remembrance of the sheer genius that is Kurt. RIP
practical beauty
Spotted the Trofe mugs at some of the design blogs and decided to find in the latest catalog from Ikea. Wondering about the cute notch on the base? Its to drain off dishwater! ha! Lovely shot of the snap-fit rocking chair...them Scandanavians are really making design headway!

More colorful shots from the catalog, i like prints. Maybe a screenprint all-over wallpaper for the future?...hmm...
"Pilgrim" is a color???

This must be a great week of kicks for me. First to arrive in the post is this lovely woven released via the WorldCup2006. Colorway: Olive/Pilgrim.
Who the heck knows what color is a pilgrim? All i know is its lovely on my feet, LOL
I can't wait till the end of the week...woot!
wallet damage alert

Damn, Steve Jobs just doesn't give up on our wallets! "World's smallest digital music player"...small enough to get lost, i say! But then again, at usd$79, we'll just get doubles! Hope it hooks up well with the nike+plus, it'll be a great "hook up"! Geddit? hook-up? [i'm so funny]

Spot the odd one out:

"Fistful of 77's" - Surrendering to a dark room

so glad its forever-Summer here in Sillypore

SF in ruins

One of the most awesome pictures i've seen on the interweb(and i've seen lots, though most with female forms). This is just reduced pic, go
here for the huge-ass-super-detailed reproduction



Deez said...


Do you use ur utility key much? I realised how scary it was just to unlock. Haha. I keep getting paranoid that the knife will snap close whenever I use it.

xymon said...

i don't really use the knife-edge much, but i know what you mean. Actually it is meant to flex open and lock at 90degrees and 180degrees, but the notches to hold the position are too tiny!